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The Signing Hall

Our wristbanding system will help you visit as many authors as you’d like and meet new-to-you authors that you may not have discovered yet!

Here’s a bit more information on how the signing hall, queues, and wristbanding system will work at Romance Con.


Join the Queue

The Signing Hall will open at 2 PM on Friday and Saturday

Premium Pass holders will have a priority queue to enter the signing hall first.

Visit authors to join their queues and get their signatures

Join one line at a time, or pick up wristbands for as many authors as you'd like.

When a queue fills up, we will begin to issue wristbands ¹

Each wristband will have an assigned number so you will know when to return. 

Once You Have a Wristband

We will welcome people back in number groups

Groups will be announced over the PA system, in the event app, and on our website.

Once your number has been called, you may return at any time for your signing ²

If we don't make it to your number on Friday, we will pick up where we left on on Saturday

You don't need a new wristband

Some authors may decide to limit the number of of items that can be signed per wristband. 

Limits will be made available prior to the event so you can plan accordingly.

Having a wristband does not guarantee you a signing

We’ll do our very best to help authors get through all their wristbands but we cannot guarantee that we will make it to everyone. 

If you have a Premium Pass

Your Premium Pass allows you to pre-reserve up to three author wristbands.

Premium Pass holders will receive an email from our team with instructions on how to pre-reserve your three choices. When you check in at Romance Con to pick up your badge and lanyard, we’ll give you those three wristbands so you already have them before the signing hall opens later that day.

Once the signing hall opens, you’ll be able to enter first as part of your priority entrance queue perk, and you can either use your pre-reserved wristbands immediately or visit other authors and use your pre-reserved wristbands later.

  1. Some authors may not need to use wristbanding for their lines. Whether or not an author’s queue is using wristbands will depend on how many people are in their queueing area. If you’re not sure if you need a wristband for a line, check with a Romance Con staff member. We’re the ones wearing red STAFF lanyards.

  2. For example: If your number is called for Author B while waiting in Author A’s line, no need to rush! Once your number has been called, you may return at any time for your signing, even if we’ve called even more numbers for Author B.

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